Definitions of restraint

There is confusion surrounding the definition of restraint. The Oxford Dictionary 1993 defines restraint as “the deprivation or restriction of liberty or freedom of action or movement”. Duff et al 1996 reported there is no precise legal definition of … [Read More...]

Dealing with weapons

The ability to verbally de-escalate conflict situations might simply appear natural to most people. However, when the conflict involves weapons, the risk of harm to limb or life is increased. Acquiring specific awareness, skills and competencies will … [Read More...]

Pain compliance in restraint applications

Pain stimulus can be a deliberate or indiscriminate action executed by restraint practitioners with the objective of forcing the person being restrained to comply with instructions. Pain compliance is … [Read More...]

History of restraint development in the UK

Restraints are unique procedures undertaken for restricting a person’s movement for various reasons. In the context of psychiatric practice restraint is as old as psychiatry. Prior to the eighteenth … [Read More...]