Corporate Health and Safety

Corporate Health and Safety at Work Policy Statement

CONFLICT RESPONSE INSTITUTE is committed to ensuring the health safety and welfare of employees and participants, so far as is reasonably practicable. It is necessary for management, staff and participants to work together so that the company business is conducted in a manner which will not cause risk to the health and safety of its staff students and visitors or the general public. The responsibility of health and safety at work is shared between all who participate in the teaching and learning activities as outlined below.

Particular attention is paid to the provision of the following:

  1. A safe classroom area and safe access to it;
  2. A healthy and safe environment conducive to effective teaching and learning;
  3. Adequate welfare facilities for students and tutors;
  4. Sufficient training, instruction, advice, information, supervision, risk assessment and monitoring to enable tutors and students to contribute positively effectively and confidently to their own health and safety in the classroom: and to avoid hazards and control the risks so that harm is unlikely;
  5. Teaching / learning aids, equipments and systems in the classroom which are safe and appropriate;
  6. Safe arrangements and recommendations for the use, handling and storage of teaching equipments;
  7. Availability of specialist advice.

Every participant is responsible for: ensuring that their involvement in teaching and learning is undertaken in a manner which is safe to themselves and others and, for obeying the advice recommendations and instructions on safety, risk assessment and health matters issued by the director of Conflict Response Institute.

The director and tutors of CONFLICT RESPONSE INSTITUTE are required to: lead by example in safe behaviours and maintain a constant and continuing interest in students’ safety, in particular by:

  1. Providing information on health and safety regulations and codes of practice necessary to ensure safety in the classroom;
  2. Acquainting subordinates with these regulations and codes of practice and give guidance and training on safety matters;
  3. Writing and distributing local departmental health and safety policies and;
  4. Ensuring that subordinates act on the instructions and advice given and are properly supervised.

Conflict Response Institute sees consultation: on health and safety matters as paramount. Safety representatives are recognised if approved by a recognised independent trade union or any other recognised body of workers and will, in normal circumstances, act as such only within the area to which appointed. Conflict Response Institute shares a responsibility with management to ensure the health and safety of its members and is responsible for drawing the attention of management to any shortcomings in the company’s safety arrangements. Conflict Response Institute insofar as reasonably practicable provides representatives with facilities and training in order that they may carry out this task. Conflict Response Institute consults safety representatives on health and safety matters and discusses with them any changes or developments concerned with health and safety. Furthermore consultations regarding changes and developments that will or could impact on any participant of Conflict Response Institute training activities will be communicated through the respective health and safety committee lead.

Review: This policy is regularly monitored to ensure that the standards are achieved and if necessary, revised in the light of legislative changes. A copy of the health and safety policy and procedures manual is held by the director of Conflict Response Institute who will receive any updates or changes. A copy is also available to members, tutors and students and also available on the company’s bulletin board and website.

This policy is endorsed by the director of Conflict Response Institute.