Terms and Conditions


Purchaser and Provider Terms and Conditions

1. CONFLICT RESPONSE Ltd, T/A CONFLICT RESPONSE INSTITUTE, registration number 7299765, registered in England in 2010, is committed to providing a quality of service that is second to none. We also have the capability to take our services to the doorstep of the purchaser.

2. Unless otherwise stated, the courses will be provided in the purchaser’s venue as a matter of convenience to applicants. The purchaser is also to ensure that its training facility is within normal health and safety standards.

3. The training applicants receive, will enable them to understand and deal with a variety of challenging behaviours, non-violent and violent conflict situations in a safe effective and humane manner, using de-escalation, personal protection or safe restraint skills.

4. Unfortunately, applicants who suffer from complications such as, chronic back or neck problem, recent fractures, or any serious heart or any type of physical or medical conditions that might be exacerbated by the physical intensity of the practical session are advised not to participate in this type of training programme, for obvious health and safety reasons.

5. Female applicants, who consider themselves pregnant, would be advised against participating at this time, for obvious health and safety reasons.

6. Courses can be adapted to suit individual and organisatonal needs.

7. Booking / inquiries can be done either through telephone, email, or consulting our website

8. Course need to be booked at least six (6) weeks in advance in order to complete the necessary administrative and pre-course requirements.

9. A written confirmation of intent to purchase must be provided by the purchaser, following agreement to purchase a particular course.

10. Full payments must be provided to CONFLICT RESPONSE INSTITUTE institute before a course commences.

11. Method of payment will be agreed between provider and purchaser

12. We will confirm course provision and attendance after full payments have been received.

13. A comprehensive list of pre-course information will be issued to participants through their parent organisation after course payments have been settled. The information will advise and inform applicants on preparations, course expectations and requirements.
14. A percentage of the course payment might be retained in order to cover administrative costs, in the event that the purchaser cancels an entire course within two weeks of delivery time. Cancel notification must be provided to us in writing.

15. We will receive late student applications up until the course commences, considering all pre-course procedures have been followed.

16. Purchasers are permitted to transfer a course place from students, who are unable to attend, to substitute students up to one week before the course start date, considering that all pre-course procedures have been followed.

17. Unless stated otherwise in the course description, we will provide relevant training materials and equipment and details of pre-course preparation.

18. CONFLICT RESPONSE INSTITUTE is committed to providing education and training services with excellence and punctuality. It is not a regular occurrence that we cancel or postpone a course. However, if a class or a course was to be postponed for reasons or circumstances that were beyond our control, we will make every reasonable effort to reschedule or add the missed hours on to the remaining course. We apologise for this inconvenience and urge you to contact us if you have any concerns.

19. Detailed descriptions of the courses are provided by CONFLICT RESPONSE INSTITUTE. Every care is taken to ensure accuracy of information through regular updates. Participants will receive certificates relative to the type of training they receive

20. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and to recognise other students also require support and assistance. Students will be asked to leave the course, if after repeated warning they continue to be disruptive.

21. Attendance on conflict management courses that contain practical modules will require ongoing attendance on refreshers / updates at least on an annual basis.

22. Attendance on a conflict management course does not permit the person to teach conflict management programme, unless certified by attendance on a subsequent training the trainer course.

Carl J. Ryan – RMN, Cert. Ed. BA (Hon), MPhil – Principal Tutor